George R. R. Martin… wisdom at its finest

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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Chocolat á la Mode

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Ianto please come back to me I need your aggressive sass in my life

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I love art - no.47

Konstantin Razumov, Russian  (1860—1939).

Some liar you are."
His gnawing hunger, exhaustion, and throbbing pain ebbed away. In its place, something welled up from deep within. Sadness, loneliness ― it wasn’t quite either. What was it? A hot bead rolled down his cheek. It took him a while to understand that they were tears. He had long forgotten what it was like to cry. It tasted salty, like over-salted soup.

 Nezumi propped his knees up and put his head down on them. Slowly, he swallowed the tears that seeped into his mouth

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Howl Demon Form [Howl’s Moving Castle] Cosplay By GeshaPetrovich

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